Tisha has helped my body recover over the years from surgeries, motor vehicle accidents, emotional grief, nerve damage, muscular-skeletal injuries, and repetitive motion strains. When other practitioners and providers were unable to navigate the problems or provide solutions, Tisha offered insight, hope and strategies towards holistic and true healing. I cannot recommend her services enough. ~S.J.


Working with Tisha has been an amazing experience. I have been able to connect to parts of my body I used to totally disassociate from and deepen my personal connection to my healing work in so many new ways over the last year. Tisha takes the time before and after sessions to check in about how and where things were felt, and her own observations and insights are extremely helpful and intuitive. I appreciate getting to work with her and explore my own relationship to what healing beyond a traditional therapy session can look like. ~A.R.

My time with Tisha has genuinely been such a gift. Her healing has guided me through heartbreaking grief in a way Iā€™m still trying to articulate into words. She has an innate ability to listen with openness and familiarity, give gentle yet fiercely accurate reflections, and hold a unique space that allowed me to witness myself during a time I hardly made space for it. Her reiki has rooted me in my own vulnerability and spiritual power. ~L.C.



After being injured in a car accident my body, mind and spirit, was cautious to engage in any physical activity that might injure me further. Tisha provided me with the opportunity to ease into movement by both creating a gentle yoga practice and a caring environment that let me explore my fears and hesitations. Today I am stronger and more confidant because of Tisha and yoga practice. ~K.D.

Tisha meets you with what you need! I have gone to Tisha with emotional, physical or spiritual struggles and she is able to meet me wherever I am in the moment.  My son, who is just 4 years old, has also been seeing Tisha. Reiki has supported him through some major changes in his life. It has also helped calm his central nervous system so he can work with self-regulating and being more in the present moment. We love Tisha!! ~T.W.