A little about yoga and me: I began practicing yoga in the late 1990s as I was looking for a way to become active and feel ease in my body after a long standing injury and chronic pain.  For the first few years, I attended different kinds of gentle yoga classes (I was in my late 20s and was often the youngest person in class. As my mobility increased and pain decreased, I noticed also that what I really loved about yoga and was how it helped my in other parts of my life—it helped me practice patience, hard work, compassion, faith and self love.  Fast forward a few decades later, and my yoga practice continues to be steadfast in the ways that it holds me and has held me through traumatic accidents and injuries, loss of loved ones, times of intensive care giving and invisible disabilities.

I trained as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist at the Samarya Center from 2004-2005. I learned to teach yoga because I wanted to be a part of making yoga more accessible to everyone; low income communities, people of color, the LGBTQ community, people of varying abilities, body shapes, sizes and ages.  I have been honored to teach in spaces such as Seattle Public Schools, Sound Mental Health, Bailey Boushay House, SeaMar and POC Yoga in Seattle.  I teach from a place of love, humility, and curiosity.  I love supporting people in loving themselves and their bodies as they are in this moment.  I am excited when I am able to help someone feel greater ease in their body as well as strengthen a positive relationship between individuals and their bodies.  I geek out on anatomy and body mechanics and  enjoy problem solving in motion! I have experience and particularly love using yoga as a way to be with/move through grief/loss, recovery and relearning from traumatic brain injuries and palliative care for chronic pain/illness.

Current offerings: I currently offer 1:1 yoga sessions that are personalized to each individual’s physical, emotional, mental and energetic needs.  I occasionally teach groups or classes by special request.