What is 1:1 yoga?

1:1 yoga allows the entire yoga session to be crafted to what you want it to be.  Some ways people use 1:1 yoga: 

  • Create a home practice/sequence that feels accessible and doable

  • Recover and strengthen the body after an injury (acute or chronic)

  • Strengthen connection of body/heart/mind after experience of trauma or loss

  • A space to practice yoga and mindful movement when it might feel too overwhelming/vulnerable to go to a class

  • A time to ask questions about particular poses or sequences or parts of the body

  • Practice receiving support in cultivating a positive relationship with one's body/heart/mind/spirit

  • Practice being embodied and being witnessed

I’ve never done yoga before and/or I’m not flexible—is 1:1 yoga for me?

Yes!  1:1 yoga is for anyone and everyone.  The benefit of doing a 1:1 yoga session is that it’s all about you and we’ll always start wherever you’re at.  My mentor used to say, ‘If you are breathing, you can do yoga’ and I believe that too.

What kinds of yoga do you do? 

Technically speaking, I have experience teaching ashtanga (vinyasa flow) and yin yoga, as well as a background in yoga therapy.  Heartfully speaking, I facilitate mindful movement that supports affirmation of individual and collective wholeness---with curiosity and humility.

What can I expect from a 1:1 yoga session?

Each 1:1 yoga session is crafted to meet the individual’s needs.  A typical session includes:

  • Brief check in at the beginning (this is longer during the first sessions) to talk about what you’re looking for, needs, injuries, questions, fears/uncertainties

  • Mindful movement and breath awareness directed by the individual’s comfort level. Dialogue and check ins throughout the session

  • Possibilities for assistance with passive stretching as desired

  • Rest

  • Brief debrief after session for questions, feedback