What kinds of things do people use reiki for?

People seek reiki for:

  • Life transitions

  • Stress

  • Desire for greater clarity, direction

  • Greif/loss (death, loss of relationship, loss of job, loss of dreams, loss of ability)

  • Self care for caregivers, educators, artists, healers, activists, social workers

  • Injury/illness

  • End of life care

  • Depression, anxiety

  • Surgery preparation and recovery

  • Insomnia/sleep disruption

  • Healing and integrating trauma

  • Desire for stronger connection to self, intuitive sense, embodiment

What does reiki feel like? 

The experience during a reiki session varies from person to person and even varies from session to session for an individual. Sometimes people experience different physical sensations such as heat, coldness, 'waves' or pulsation of energy, heaviness/lightness, tingling.  Sometimes people fall asleep and overall just feel relaxed.  Sometimes reiki creates emotional releases or awareness.  And sometimes, people don't really notice anything in particular (but even that is noticing something!) right away and report noticing more things in the days that follow.

What can I expect during a reiki session?

Everything and anything!  Even though reiki experiences vary from person to person and from session to session for each person, the structure of the session will be consistent.  A typical session includes:

  • Brief check in at the beginning (this is longer during the first session)

  • Reiki session takes place with recipient, fully clothed, lying on a massage table

  • Reiki can be practiced with touch or can be with hands near recipient’s body, dependent on individual’s comfort level

  • Check ins throughout the session

  • Brief debrief after session

How often do people come in for reiki sessions?

It depends on the individual and what their needs are.  I recommend trying reiki at least 3 sessions because the experience can be so different from session to session, and with 3, you can at least get a taste for the spectrum of experience.  When people are working with acute symptoms or circumstances, such as an injury, recent break up, grief/loss, life transitions, etc, they tend to come in more frequently (weekly or every other week) for care.  Other people may be incorporating reiki as part of their self care routine and may come in frequently in the beginning and then shift to every other week, once a month or as needed.