What can I expect during a massage session?

First time massage sessions:

  • We will spend time at the beginning talking about your goals/what you’re hoping to get out of massage and going over your health history.  I will also briefly do any assessment and/or palpation of your areas of concern before you get on the table.  With all of this information, I will create and share a plan for the massage session. 

  • After we’ve agreed upon the plan, I’ll step out of the room and you will get undressed to your level of comfort and get on the massage table, under the sheets.  I will knock prior to coming back in the room to make sure you’re ready for me to return. 

  • During the massage, I will check in periodically about depth/pressure and what you’re noticing.  I invite dialogue with you as we are collaborating in this process together.  That being said, we do not have to talk the entire time or be chatty, more that there is room for communication and feedback during the session. 

  • At the end of the massage, I will step out so you can get dressed.  I will knock before returning again and briefly take some time to check in on how you’re feeling, what you’re noticing and answer any questions.  This also would be a time I may share some suggestions for things you can do for self care at home

Return massage session: Include a brief check in at the beginning and end of the session, but typically the time talking in the beginning is less than the first appointment (unless you’ve had any significant changes in your health)

 I scheduled a 75-minute massage- does this mean I’ll have 75 minutes on the table?

In order to make this a collaborative process, each massage session includes brief check ins before and after the massage.  So generally, the table time for a 75-minute massage is about 65 minutes and for a 90-minute massage is about 80 minutes for return sessions.

 What does ‘undress to your level of comfort’ mean?

An important element of relaxation is making sure that you feel comfortable and safe on the table.  You are invited to take off or leave on whatever amount of clothing that allows you to feel most comfortable and safe. Examples of different comfort levels: undressing clothes and leaving underwear on; wearing shorts, leggings and/or tank tops; leaving clothes on. I can provide massage over clothes and through sheets.  However, there are some techniques that work best with skin to skin contact, so we can talk about options for this as well.

How does draping work?

You will be covered by sheets and a blanket (if desired) at all times during your massage session.  I will only undrape the body part that I will be working on specifically, and then will promptly re-drape that area before moving on to the next.  Areas of the body that will never be undraped: breast tissue (for any gender identity) and genitals.  In addition to verbal consent, explicit written consent will be obtained if the gluteals, abdomen and chest/armpits are going to be undraped for specific massage to those areas.

 I’m feeling a little bit sick.  Should I still come in for my massage?

If you’re feeling a cold coming on or just feeling run down, you can still come in for massage.

Please reschedule your massage if you’re experiencing:

  • fever

  • vomiting

  • diarrhea