My dog, Sadie

So…to be honest, this was the hardest section for me to write!  The individual service pages describe my professional passions, experience, paradigms and offerings.  And this is the place where I let you know more about me as a person; a practice of taking up space and being seen. Here it goes:

I am a daughter, a sister, a partner, a dog mama, a friend, a caregiver and a dreamer.  I come from a mixed race/mixed culture family of Japanese American (grandparents immigrated, father WWII internment camp generation) and white (Italian/Portuguese/Irish)working class folks; both sides of the family sharing foundational strength of the women in them. I grew up in a beautiful landscape of river, sky, mountains, valleys and the ocean.  I came to know my strength, independence and interdependence through the waterways that surrounded my childhood.  My different identities were often compartmentalized until I found the language and community of intersectionality.  I am ever evolving my ability to utilize my privileges and transform historical trauma.

I love being outside, growing food and flowers and finding beauty in every day life.  I take photos of the sky and reflections in the water, make crafty things for loved ones, write letters, savor good food and love to laugh with my head thrown back and mouth open wide.  Some fun facts and/or quirks about me: I was an apprentice beekeeper and am trained as an amateur marine naturalist.  If I were a boat, I’d be a tugboat or a Washington State ferry.  I love making things with my hands, even though I don’t like measuring tapes or straight edges.  I read multiple books at a time and finish most of them (eventually). I am an enthusiastic whistler, and sometimes don’t even know that I’m doing it.  I can incorporate my dog’s name into just about any song. Non-verbal communication is my favorite kind of communication and for my next career, I’d love to train/work with therapy animals.

About Rivers and Tides: A couple of years into my 4th decade of life, I wanted to create a way that I could incorporate all of the different types of heart work that I have been doing in different settings and Rivers and Tides was born. It is a small business built on a lot of hope, creativity, leaps of faith and support from my community.  I am grateful to be doing work that is generative, both for myself and others.